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This site regarded as workflow visualization tool. It is web based visual project board for tracking tickets through a multi-step process. You can distribute the work, track the progress, identify the bottlenecks and store team communication in place. It is adjustable to fit any workflow.

It tends to let coordinators distribute the work which has to be done among the team members and once tasks have been assigned everybody will be able to stay communicated in organized manner.

The communications distributed will stay in the same page so that there is no chance fellow team members will fail to access the instructions. This procedure makes easier for the team leader and completes the work in efficient manner. It also generates reports highlighting the performance of individual team members and team as a whole. This site offers free service.

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  1. Regarded as workflow visualization tool.
  2. Team manager can keep close eye on their sub-ordinates.
  3. Do we have any new features added in future?

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