Have a Headache-Free Travel with the Ultimate Travi App

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With this strict quarantine and lockdown policies, we all are looking forward to a planned vacation in the upcoming days. It can be an official trip from the office, a weekend family trip with kids or a solo wellness retreat; there are so many locations to visit. If you are planning to visit any of the cities like Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York, then make use of the special app named Travi.

There may be hundreds of apps on the App Store that will assist you to get an awesome experience you’ll never forget, but this one just nails it. I have started using this app and it is filled with data that contain high-quality itineraries to assist us to get the most out of our travels. Travi organizes all the itineraries in one place and is available for iOS users.

Travi will help create your free travel plan for each trip. You can access the itinerary anywhere, even when you are offline. On your travel, the app recommends the local food options, scenic attractions, parks and a lot more. The app also has travel guides for popular trips along with the travel stories of different travellers. If you wish to share your travel experience, you can do that as well.

The Most Notable Features of Travi are as follows:

  • Travi has options to create a profile of our own so that accessing becomes easier. Using this, you can share your experiences and gather followers as well.
  • Travi offers an easy trip itinerary creation with a lot of features that help you customize the different activities you do. Users can choose and edit the schedule depending upon the activity or restaurant of their choice. 
  • The ‘Travel Calendar Overview’ is an added plus to all the users of the app as it helps to view, manage and edit the itinerary in the calendar along with the date and time.
  • With the help of the search icon on the app, users can explore various spots nearby and around and plan their travel accordingly. It allows for accessing of directions and opening hours of points of interest.
  • The share icon of the app lets users share the travel stories with the people who are link-minded and also with fellow members at home.
  • By signing up with your email on the website, you can get regular updates about different tourist destinations.
  • Travi is completely secure and you won’t be tracked during your trips.

Travi is free for download and it helps save your time and money. It helps you have a headache-free journey.

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