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Life has been excited for me lately, but I always take interest in looking for latest apps which satisfy user’s requirements. No matter what global users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this new app namely HELT – Home and Gym Workouts app developed by HELT Global Oy Ab. I was really pulled not only did it feature many things, but useful for everyone.

With this quality app you can really discover wellness trainers, courses, live classes and videos that work for you and you’d love. Whether you’re looking for yoga, HIIT, stretching, nutrition, body weight, mindfulness classes or searching to build your strength, lose weight, increase flexibility, reduce stress, fix your back and shoulder pains then HELT is the only app which satisfies all of your wellness.

Interestingly you can exercise from the comfort of your home, during vacation or take a training program with you to the gym with on-demand videos and courses. Also take a live online class from home to exercise with one of our trainers and get real-time feedback.


It is simple to find wellness trainers and check out the different trainers via HELT, see what they have to offer, compare them between each other and follow the best ones to get their content freshly served to you.


You can also follow wellness trainers to get updates. In addition you’ll be the first one to know when your favourite trainers publish new content. By this way you’ll be served with fresh wellness content on a regular basis, which in turn will keep you motivated to exercise and stay healthy.


It is possible to build your personal wellness library by following your favourite channels and trainers, saving interesting health and exercise courses for later, booking live classes and liking videos. So by this way you don’t need to always spend time on searching for something that you want. You can easily find it in your personal wellness library.


Easy to watch videos or courses and exercise at home, the gym, the park or the hotel. Get stream on-demand anywhere anytime and pick the right workout for that moment, hit play and break a sweat or get your mindfulness moment.


I highly recommend HELT – Home and Gym Workouts app developed by HELT Global Oy Ab if you are searching for a distinctive and unique features, you will love what HELT has to offer. The developer did qualitatively well with the apps overall important features.



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