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iFile is a file management app which helps the users to organize and maintain all their important documents in a single place. The app helps to turn your mobile phone into a mini laptop in which you can manage all your documents at your fingertips. iFile app has been developed and launched by Darkness Production Company for the iPhone and the iPad users. The app requires iOS 5.0 or the later versions. iFile is a multi-functional file management app which acts a file manager, text editor, PDF reader, document photo viewer, sound recorder, music player and also to zip and unzip the files. The app does all the tasks in order to manage the files on your iPhones and iPad’s.

The iFile app helps the users to override the problem of the lack of file browsers in the iPhone and iPads. There is no file structure in these devices that can aid in creating files or folders and moving around the files from one location to another. iFile fills these gaps efficiently. The app helps the users to download essential files from the internet and aggregates the online services such as Mobile Me and Drop box in one place and maintains a good cloud based workflow. iFiles also has a feature which will enable the users to send and receive data through Blue Tooth or Wi-Fi to another iPhone that has the iFiles app. The app is best for transferring data between the PC’s, iPhones, Mac’s and iPad’s.


  • Customizable multi touch control options that help the app to operate at a great speed.
  • The app can be used for any type of file formats such as MS Word, video, text, images, iWork, PDF, Source code (c, cc, html, xml, h, m, htm and others) and archive files such as zip and ipa.
  • The File Manager app also helps in sorting the files and has a video gallery and image gallery where the users can store their favorite videos and images.
  • The PDF reader in the app has features such as convenient page display, adding book marks, displaying page thumbnails, instant navigation through the pages and also the ability to print and mail the PDF content.
  • Import and Export files through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iPod Library, using iCloud by using inline services such as Drop box or through USB via iTunes.
  • The users can do multiple downloads at the same time. The app also allows them to pause and later continue the download from the location in which it was stopped.
  • It also offers other options such as Omni box, Private mode browsing, setting up of the home page and to keep track of your bookmarks and browsing history.
  • The app offers local notification support and multi touch gestures that can be configured.


iFile provides customers an efficient way to manage and organize their files in a single place. The app is available for download in the iStore for just $1.99, so download the app and organize your files in an effective way.

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