Interval Timer – Interval Training HIIT & Tabata

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It seems that with the increasing popularity of HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training workout technique more numbers of people wish to know the most reliable Interval Timer apps from Play Store. So I suggest this popular Interval Timer – Interval Training HIIT & Tabata app for users, which is a simple and easy to use application for daily workout with or without equipment at home, at the gym and everywhere else.

Moreover the timer is suitable for HIIT, Tabata and fitness interval training or even interval running jogging and other time dependent activities boxing, circuit training, and meditation.

Factors that need for interval training

The Interval Timer makes it possible to carry out training sessions with preparation time, exercise time, pause time and number of repetitions. With this popular HIIT timer and HIIT stopwatch you can save your own workout configurations and redo them at any time. In addition several exercises can be grouped together as a plan.

The individual training phases are easy to distinguish by different background colors. Each phase is also initiated by an individually adjustable signal (sound and vibration.

Key Features of Interval Timer – Interval Training HIIT & Tabata

  • Offers Intuitive and clear user interface in material design
  • Easy to configure exercises – preparation time, exercise time, pause time, number of repetitions
  • Option of Group multiple exercises as a plan
  • You can save, load, edit exercises and plans
  • Easy to share your workouts with friends or create and load backups of your workouts
  • Actively works in background and shows a status notification
  • It is perfect for high intensity interval training (hiit, tabata)

Most Advanced Customization

  • Availability of Configurable signal for each trainings phase
  • Feature of Selectable foreground and background color
  • Option of Selectable notification sound
  • You can use your own audio files as a notification sound
  • Sound as: system, media or alarm sound
  • Notification by vibration
  • Voice assistant
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

If users are searching for a simple, yet highly practical interval training clock and HIIT timer, then you are at the right place and at the right time. You can have fun and achieve your fitness goals with the interval timer.


I highly recommend giving Interval Timer – Interval Training HIIT & Tabata app a try if you’re in the mood for some unique interval timer apps and want something that is absolutely distinctive.



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