Invasion: Online War Game- Time to test your real time strategy

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If you’re looking for some action and excitement, ‘Invasion: Online War Game’ is just what you need. This real time strategy game for iOS will give you an adrenaline rush like none other. It requires you to take up arms in a world post the apocalypse, where alliances are being formed and you can survive only if you’re strong and brave. In simple words, it is a modern war game where you have to build up your military base, construct your own defence vehicles and use these to attack invading armies.

While there are other real time strategy games with similar themes, this one is set apart by the use of environmental elements and 3D graphics to bring it alive. A new dimension is added in to bring about a sense of reality to the game. The 3D graphics are superbly done and special explosive effects add a unique touch. The cinematic graphics are truly worth marvel.

Once you get started with the game, a brief yet powerful tutorial greets you. It walks you through every detail you will need, including military research, building structures, construction of army and more. Even during the course of the game, the tutorial helps you out by suggesting your next move and helping you keep your base strong. It stays at the bottom of the screen and helps you out as you proceed. As the game progresses, the tutorial slowly fades away.

To begin with, you have to build your own military empire, crafting destructive machines and training soldiers to fight for you. You can create gunships, tanks, and various other war machines of your choice. As you progress in the game, you will obtain enough resources to unlock upgrades for your weapons. It’s a vicious style to say the least. The game allows you to check the map, find your enemies and pic forces to send into battle with them. You can earn points for talent by making the right choices in this part.

The next most important phase in the game is forming alliances with other parties. You might have to ally with enemies who you have fought before in order to face greater enemies together. An enemy’s friend is your friend after all.

This is one among the pay-to-win games. There are many in-app purchases that will help you get to the top. These span a variety of items, ranging from $0.99 to $99.99. They give you power in the form of diamonds, which is the currency of the game, and build speed boosts. They do seem a bit wasteful but are good for those that get addicted to the game. The only other way to get these is to practice a lot and obtain these resources during the course of the game.

Another downside of this app is that it drains out your battery pretty fast on both the iPad and the iPhone. There is a lack of sync between various iOS devices as well. Nonetheless, the 3D graphics are worth all of this. It is available in the App Store for free download at present.

Good: Cinematic 3D graphics

Bad: Drains out battery

you can visit Developer’s Site Here.

Worth Having App – Download for IOSFor Android


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