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Among several social site which give hand to the people who need the most , this site is one of the kind where charity giving as an option. The mission of this site is to link and connect the social events to charity organization, and develop charity giving a part these social life events.

It is also a free online invitation tool for events and parties. This site is to assist you control invitations for all several kinds of events; and marvel encourages your guests to participate in charitable giving as a gift for your event. It allows you to develop a gift registry with your favourite non profit firms. The guests can utilize the registry to pledge for giving and present it as a gift.

It is somewhat regular gift registry, except that it will allow guests to pledge for donations rather than buying gifts. It has the ability to choose the non profit organization to create your gift registry. It is like sharing your happiness with the cause you trust in and encouraging others to involve.

It is possible that guests can ponder handsome donations directly to charity organization. The Charitable Gift Registry will offer the direct link to charity web site. It is possible that you can keep track of the guests with the pledges through the event management page. It will offer you with all of the details that need to write thank and control your gift registry.

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  1. Mukundan Srinivasan

    A great way to spread charity. Liked the concept very much. Checked the website. Going to register now.

    • Web App Rater

      Great Going Mukundan…wishes from webapprater.


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