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I want to be cautious in my mobile phone’s existence because already I lost two of my mobile phones and I failed to retrieve them. It’s all because of my carelessness and then one day one of my friends shares the idea of having iSharing application to track the phone if it got theft or we lost it. I installed the iSharing app, I found that this app has many excellent features other than tracking the mobile. This application was specially designed to monitor the whereabouts of family members and friends. I didn’t hear about this kind of app that can reduce the anxiety of parents who have children and also friends who concern about their loved ones.

iSharing GPS Location tracker from iSharingsoft which makes an essential app to have in every smartphone. To know my family was safe and also my family could know that I am safe by using this app. Utilizing this feature, I introduced this app to my family members to have it on their phone. We installed this app and got registered, after installation I can find my family members were on the family map which pointed as icons with their images. It becomes a huge surprise to my family that we can know our locations each other under a single umbrella on the family map.

Another feature in this app is we are notified by the presence and absence of our concerned members, we can ensure the safety of our children and they can alert us in any emergency by just shaking their mobiles. This app simplifies our needs and reduces our anxiety. I imagined that this technology is going to save many people in forwarding years and theft mobiles will be easily detected through this app.

iSharing is built with a strong algorithm so the user’s details will be safe and also it hides the private family map from other non-familiar persons. In all the ways this app will be the safest app to use. One of the important features that I noticed in this app is the automated notifications to inform the family member was arrived or leaving from the home and also we can find them in the nearby location from ours. Also, this app allows you to text them and make use of it as a walkie-talkie by sending free voice messages.

Isharing – GPS Location Tracker available in both Playstore and App Store with monthly and annual subscription plans to avail the services. Users can connect with the developer through and get answered to their queries.

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