Kaboom – Must Have App to Manage Social Media

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Reviews | 0 comments

Kaboom is an application for IOS devices available on the apple store where you can take or upload photos, set them to disappear, and share them with your friends. You choose however long you would like it to stay up before it is deleted. You have complete control over all of your photos posted and do not need to worry about posting a photo you or your friends in it don’t personally like because it will be deleted shortly after, depending on how long you choose to keep it. You can share straight from the application to text messaging, e-mailing, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp in just a few clicks.

When you send the photo through text messaging, your friends can see it even if they do not have the Kaboom application. Also, the countdown to when the picture will disappear starts when your friends click the link, not from the minute you send it. You can choose when the photo will disappear by a certain amount of views, minutes, hours, or days. The number starts from one and goes up to a thousand, so you can keep it for one minute, or for one thousand minutes. It is all up to you, you’re in complete control of your photos now with the Kaboom application. The best part about the Kaboom application is that it is completely free, you will not need to even pay a dime. All you need for this application is an IOS device(Iphone, Ipod, or Ipad) and IOS 6.0 version or later version.

You will never have to worry again about the photos you upload to social media with Kaboom. Everything on Kaboom is super easy and you can upload your photos, set the timer, and send them in just a quick few clicks on your IOS device. Anyone who owns an IOS device needs the Kaboom application. Kaboom is basically the same idea as Snapchat, except you can share it across multiple social media networks, it will still disappear, and you can choose a longer time period for it to stay up. It’s also really great that you can choose it to disappear based on how many views the photo has gotten, so if you would only like six hundred people to view it, you would pick that option and once it has six hundred views, it is gone forever from social media all together.

You can also choose to share it everywhere with the same time period as all of the other ones and you don’t have to change it every time, just choose the time period once and share everywhere. That’s really nice as well. Kaboom is a great application and would be good for just about anyone who uploads pictures on social media on a regular basis, especially people who would not want every single picture to stay on social media platforms forever. This app is great for people of all ages and is all around really convenient for everyone. I’m sure you’ve posted a photo before with the intention on deleting it soon after, and with this, it’ll delete it for you.


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