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Once upon a time the world of Cannabis was a shady, underground affair. Canada was the first major economic power to legalize it, but it can still be a complicated industry to navigate for consumers, retailers and producers. Leafythings, available to download on iOS and Google Play, aims to be the #1 resource for all things cannabis in Canada.

On the consumer side of things, you can find the best dispensaries nearby and ensure you only buy top quality Cannabis thanks to the user reviews and recommendations. The app also helps you find the best delivery services, doctors and other cannabis products.

Budding (pun totally intended) entrepreneurs and those looking to enter the Cannabis industry will find Leafythings’ information section highly informative. From how to get licensed to current legislations, you’ll find everything you need to know in the app. If you just want to grow your own marijuana at home, you’ll find plenty of information to help you with that, too.

So whether you’re a consumer or in the business, Leafythings is the most comprehensive resource for cannabis information, products and services we’ve ever seen. If you live in Canada, we highly recommend giving this app a try.

Download Leafythings on iOS, Google Play or visit for more information.