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It can invoice and keep track all of your business expenses with this site. You can put organize your expenses into categories, add notes and even upload a pictures of your receipts for each expense Perhaps it is said that bookkeeping is not as difficult as you think. Most importantly you need to view who owes you money and bill them. It is necessary that one need to view where you are spending money and record and category expenses. So you can invite your tax professional to this site in downloading the details they require.

It is possible that you can track all of your business expenses with LessAccounting, quickly and easily. Also put your expenses into categories, add notes to them, mark them as paid or due, and even upload a picture of your receipt with each expense. You can also send online invoices to any of your contacts, and track payments when you receive them. Also set up invoices to reoccur whenever you require, and can even accept payments for invoices via Paypal.

It is possible that you can start with one of templates, and edit them to create custom business proposals. With these proposals you can log and attach as sales notes to contacts. It is possible that, you can easily turn proposals into invoices which are ready to send out to clients. The cogent and simple address book, contact management savors offer you a robust CRM to keep track of all your clients and contacts.

Visit this site at http://www.lessaccounting.com and post your reviews as comments


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  1. Mike

    One of the great features of Less Accounting is the third party apps that it integrates with. For instance our http://www.getting-paid-system.com automated bill chaser saves small businesspeople hours of sweat and tears.

  2. Daryl Des Marais

    If you have an online or phone based business and want to do less accounting, try this new cool tool!


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