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Have you ever wanted to convert files into lists for the ease of use? It can be your home or office, sometimes you need to categorize data from the files and extract all the names, decimals, email addresses and a lot more. If at all, all of these are carried out manually, it could take a lot of time and effort. It would be a never ending process at times. How about you have an easy means to do this? 

Yes, is a unique website by Engiweb Ltd that turns any text into useful lists. All that you are supposed to do is to load the input files and choose extractors. Then, you will be able to view the lists of data tables and export it. 

The data in these lists are completely sorted and filtered out. In order to make use of it, all that the users are supposed to do is to input the data in the text field by either typing or pasting it. You can also upload the file instead. Once this is done, users must then select the various extractors that they need to apply to the input given. There are toggle buttons on the left sidebar for each of them. Once you choose what you need, click the extract button and that’s it. All the data that you need are extracted in the form of a list and displayed on the screen. 

Listfromtext comes with a pricing of GBP 7.99/ EUR 8.99/ USD 9.99 per year for the pro version whereas the free version comes with limited functionalities. In the free version of the app, users will be able to upload plain text and extract alphanumeric values, digits, email addresses, IPv4 addresses and web domains. Later on, the complete file can be downloaded in ‘Txt’ format. The pro version helps you upload files in Docx, Pptx, Xlsx, Pdf formats and extract many more details like the bitcoin address, credit card numbers, hashtags and a lot more. The output files can be downloaded in different formats like Txt, Csv or Xlsx. 

All of the details are fetched with this website in just a single click where as if you are using other software the process may take time and be executed one by one. came to my relief and I was able to extract all the essential data from my files in no time and that too in a single click. You can follow the team of Engiweb Ltd on Youtube and LinkedIn and also send an email to in case you need any queries addressed. 

Make use of and bring every data sorted in one place. 

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