LOOK – A Digital Signage Solution That Is A Lot Easier

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Digital signage is used for marketing purposes to build a brand and to improve the customer experience. This facilitates for text animations or videos to be displayed on an electronic sign board or bill board. The content is managed and delivered from a remote place like a TV, computer monitor or some network of electric signs. If you are in search of digital signage software for your organization, then you need not look any further. We have the ultimate application for you, LOOK. It is one of the best and most-renowned digital signage software available in the market. 

If you have many digital advertising screens in different locations or cities, you need to find a means to manage them all from one place. Officially managing this content on all of them that operate on different devices and screen is quite a challenging task. Just install the LOOK player on your digital screens, open the LOOK content manager and start working. You can now prepare the projects and send them through this platform to a single selective screen or a group of screens. All the data that you send pass through a secure cloud-based server. 

LOOK has a user-friendly and easily accessible web-based interface. It supports various types of content, multiple languages, grants multiuser access and allows for grouping of screens. The application helps you to create and schedule playlists. The app displays the statistics with the most advanced features along with a detailed geography. Offline playback and automatic start options are also available in this app. 

When you use LOOK, you will be able to manage the different screens and make broadcasting scenarios through the web-based Look Content Manager. With this, you won’t have the need to install any additional software on your PC. All that you have to do is, just log in to your personal account on any browser. Make use of the varied range of the CMS functionality to create engaging playlists and design useful broadcasting schedules on single screen or groups of screens. There are also many in-built apps that help people create their dynamic content. These content are fresh and eye-catching and it can be social media feeds or live streams for the playlists. 

The software supports devices that work on Windows, Android, Mac and Web-based solutions. It is cloud-hosted and supports the English language. They offer different pricing models that suit all enterprises – small, medium and large and they offer the software for different customer types and quotes. 

LOOK Digital Signage inbuilt apps help create your own social media feeds or live streams for your playlists. It offers solutions to retails, hospitals, banks, corporates, healthcare providers, fitness centres, advertisers, education solutions and a lot more. The software gives you the power to attract new customers and increase your revenue. 

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