Looking for People to Hangout? Then All That You need is Outist

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Planning for an outing or an adventure? It can be any nearby place or a distant city; you might be lost in thoughts on how you are going to spend time in the unknown place without any company. You may have so many things or places to visit and a very little time to plan. How would it be if you had a local or an expat to take you through the town/city? Outist helps you to explore places with a companion. You can find the best spots to visit or dine and get tips about amazing places and events around.

When each place has different culture, faces and flavours, it would be a pleasure to have a local with you and Outist assists you with that. It enables you to meet locals, expats or travellers and connect with them wherever you go either in your hometown or away from your city. It connects you with people who have the similar taste as yours. With this app, you can spend your time wisely and see only what interests you.

This social app has three different menus namely: Nearby, Feed and Your Events. The ‘Nearby’ column helps you to locate the people who are near as you mention the distance in miles. It has a ‘Feed’ that is very active and brings together all the events that happen within the distance you have selected. Here, you can create your own events and invite friends to it. The ‘Your Events’ column tracks the events created by you and also allows you to mark the those that you found interesting.

The team aims in connecting people with the same technology that has taken over people’s lives. It is a simple means to connect individuals with like minds and share their activities with the community around them. It helps you to hangout anytime, anywhere and have more fun. The app gives you references from trusted users as well. Outist is a great event finder that helps you locate all nearby events and meet with people who have the same requirements as you. You can meet more people around the community, see more places and promote those events that are more interesting. You can make searches of those communities that are operating near you and become a part of it.

Outist can be used according to the preferences of any kind of activity that you are interested in. You may want to join a fitness group, learn dance or try out other kinds of unique tasks like language exchange, weekend urban adventure etc. If you like to eat, you can even find a partner to dine with on your favourite restaurant and what not?

You have so many choices with Outist and you can create an event for almost anything in your mind. The app helps you explore anywhere like a pro. It is available for free and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

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