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In these years the mobile gaming industry shows drastic development in its business, recently the statistics denote that more than 150 billion dollars in revenue around 9.3 percent of over year growth. Also, some of the gaming industries forward to help people by donating a certain amount from their revenue, one of the games is “Mask on / Mask off”. This game is developed in the pandemic season by OnceRed LLC and now they got appreciating reviews from the public and other gaming industries.

Mask on / Mask off, is not only the name also it is the theme of the game. Gamers have to put masks on the unmasked smileys in the square box, looking uncomplicated but the levels in the game show the challenges on it. Every level demands you to put the masks within the given duration and gamers have to play swiftly. Duration of levels was decreased whenever you moved to the next level. But it’s quite an entertaining game for gamers from children to adults. We can find the developer took this theme from the pandemic precaution rules.

Levels in the game are difficult to complete because of the hide and seek of smiley faces and every completed level gives points to the gamers. And they can buy some items from the game itself, which helps to finish the next levels by adding more duration, clearing blocked squares, completing the hectic rounds and, etc. Scoreboards are present at the bottom of the app to show the levels you won and levels yet to be completed.

The items we purchase from the game and the items like vaccines, pills, nurses were made this game more interesting. And the bold interface with unique color patterns shows this app is designed with a creative mind.

Mask on / Mask off, an interesting mobile game developed with the ideas of “Gaming designed to give back” which provides their revenue from the advertising video present at the end of this game to help people in this pandemic by funding the local food pantries and first responders. This initiation from the team creates a new trend in the gaming industry. Also, this game getting huge support from the public and also professional gamers.

Mask on / Mask off available in the Play store and it needs mobiles with Android versions of 4.1 or above to work. Team OnceRed is ready to support the users through, Also gamers can support this new approach with their reviews and ratings in PlayStore.

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