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We all are using social media and internet to an extent that it has become an inevitable part of our life. We visit many pages every day that contain the things we love or what we want to do. Many times we miss out on something that we liked the most. We cannot search them later and even if we do so it gets difficult to find them. How about we have an app to save all that we love?

Yes, The Medalist help you list all those that you have tried so far and those that you want to try hereafter. Given by Forth Holdings LLC, The Medalist belongs to the Lifestyle category in the App Store. The app assists you to maintain a ranked list of almost everything. The list can contain anything like what you consume, your wish, creations, your favourites and a lot more. Users can privately maintain the list and they get to decide what they can share with the public. 

The most interesting feature of Medalist is that it allows you to be creative with the lists as you can include your collections, your favourite drinks or restaurants, things you make, recipes, trips you prefer to take, photographers or galleries you love, etc., You can become the one who authors the list names and create the taxonomy of the items you like. It lets you create two lists under every category. One is for remembering the things you want to give a try called the ‘ Bench’ and the other is for saving what you have already tried – ‘The Podium’. 

The Medalist has easy login options and allows you to add more items to a list, make a new list with the help of Siri. Users can move the items between lists, share them with others and add a privacy setting to the list they have made. Apart from this, users can set up a curated feed of lists they need to watch, comment on any item and get notifications when another person follows or poaches something from the lists. 

When you have any queries, you can write to the team on They are always open to feedback and you could also follow them on Twitter. Available in English, the app is suitable for all those above 4 years of age. Medalist is completely free and is compatible with requires iOS 12.0 or later versions and with macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip. 

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