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A growth journey is an opportunity to explore what you want to achieve in life and how you want to get there. It’s a way of being deliberate about your goals and making progress toward them.

Daily Quests are a series of small, achievable tasks that help you build your skills over time. They’re designed to be easy enough so that anyone can complete them, but challenging enough so that they’ll push you just outside your comfort zone.

Mindflow is a game-changer. It helps you track your progress and better yourself as an entrepreneur, which is so easy to do from a desktop or phone. The interface is well-designed and intuitive, which makes it easy for me to understand what I’m doing. It’s the app that keeps me motivated, accountable, and on track with my goals. I love how interactive the app is, it’s always getting me outside my comfort zone and pushing me to grow in new ways. With this app, I feel like I can truly embark on my growth journey and not feel lost.

Embark on growth journeys that are meaningful to you, track your progress, and share the journey of becoming better every day with friends on Mindflow. Document your hobbies, learning efforts, and mental growth all in one spot — and support your friend’s journeys along the way.

There are two ways to grow on Mindflow: Growth Journeys and Daily Quests.

Growth Journeys:

– Create growth journeys as home bases for documenting your efforts and tracking progress in a part of your life you care about.

– You contain multitudes. Have one place to track the different types of growth in your life. Things like Weight Lifting, Learning Spanish, Daily Gratitude, and Monthly Reflections.

– Growth Journeys make it EASY to view your small regular progress over time and to be able to look back and marvel at how much you’ve changed over the last months or years.

– Build a support network. Our relationships and friendships multiply the human experience. Growth is easier and more fun when your friends are supporting you along the way.

Daily Quests:                              

  • Receive 4 quests every 24 hours with small, unique actions you can take to grow today.
  • There are four Quest categories: Learning, Seek Discomfort, Wellness, and Self Discovery

1. Learning — to satisfy your curiosity with epic content

2. Seek Discomfort — to conquer your fears and make fun memories

3. Wellness — to keep you active, moving, and healthy

4. Self Discovery — to pursue an understanding of the self

We hope you have as much fun using Mindflow as we have to make it.

Take Away

This is an app that helps you perform at your best. It’s easy to use and it’s geared towards helping us grow as individuals, showing us how to improve. The community on Mindflow is also fantastic. They offer a lot of support and are very understanding of the struggles we face in our day-to-day lives. I believe Mindflow is set up to be one of the best apps out there for personal growth!


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