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It is a popular planning technique with applications across all business sectors and industries. It is used by individuals, corporate teams, students and teachers alike for various purposes. You can save time preparing and conducting business meetings with mind maps and maintain an up-to-date database of approved meeting minutes. It is possible to manage your most important clients in account maps that give your entire team a bird’s eye view of the status of each deal.
Also find out weaknesses of your opponents in business by conducting cutting-edge competitive analysis using collaborative SWOT mind maps. You can collect and structure input from project partners, defines milestones and assigns tasks before exporting your map to a complex PM suite.
It brings the concept of mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration to allow truly global brainstorming sessions. The users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, from anywhere. In brainstorming mode, fellow MindMeisters from around the world can simultaneously work on the same mind map and see each other’s changes as they happen.
Visit this site at http://www.mindmeister.com and post your reviews as comments
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1 Comment

  1. Bilal Ahmad

    Good to see you a collaborative tool that helps in meetings.


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