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Quizzes are available in many different topics and the number of wins or losses determines your score. Looking for a fun, addictive, challenging trivia game? If you choose to play quiz with a wide variety of topics from around the world, you can choose this awesome app named Mindoo.

What is the app about?

Mindoo is a quiz app given by the Swiss developer, Patrick Dittrich and it belongs to the Education category. This app helps anyone gather/refresh their knowledge on the seven different categories: Art, People, Miscellaneous, Politics and Economy, Sport, Geography, Transportation and Traffic. 

Working of the app:

Mindoo works just like flashcards and all that you have to do is to install the app. You need not sign in or login with email or any other Id. Just choose any category in which you want to refresh your knowledge. Guess the answer for the quizzes and find out if you have got them right or wrong.

When you have got the right/wrong answers, you can see the score for yourself once you finish. The app displays your score for 100 after you complete them. This way, you can check your general knowledge on the different fields of topic. Using the cart icon in the app, you can purchase the complete version or those quiz topics that you wish to unlock.

Special Features of the app:

Mindoo is one of its kinds when it comes to trivia or quiz games as it is updated regularly. The paid or full version of the app has about 130 different categories of topics for you to answer and refresh your knowledge. It is so easy to use with the different colour palettes that are available for easy scrolling. Filled with diverse and interesting topics, the app Mindoo is being updated regularly and it helps us to stay motivated and play the game again and again. It can be played offline from wherever you are and at any time. The app can be played by anyone in the family so that they can stay refreshed with knowledge.

The app is compatible with both iOS 11.0 and later versions and with Android 4.4 and later versions. The team can be contacted through contact.mindoo@gmail.com in case you have any queries to be answered or need to give your feedback. Download this unique app and see for yourself how cool it can be to play the different quiz on the plethora of topics.

Worth Having app – Download the App


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