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Modern Words is a new, free to play app for ios devices consisting of various word games falling into three categories: Anograms, Crosswords and Word Searches. Within each category lies several subcategories, each with their own difficulty or subject matter to keep redundancy at a minimum.

The Anograms category consists of three different game modes. Puzzle Mode gives you five or more letters in each round wherein the player’s goal is to mix and match the letters to form as many words as possible. Upon entering Puzzle Mode, the player is given the ability to choose a particular subject (places, sports, animals, etc.) in which the words to be created will fall in. I was definitely a fan of this game mode.
Riddle Mode is much like the former game mode in that the player is given several letters to mix and match. Except instead of making as many words as possible, the player’s goal is to answer a given riddle with the letters provided. This is by far my favourite game mode and is one of the more innovative word games I’ve seen in awhile.

Mini crossers are the third game mode in the Anograms category. Like Puzzle Mode, the player gets to choose the subject matter. This game mode is sort of like a cross between Puzzle Mode and your typical crossword.
The anogram games are by far my favourite part of this app as I have never seen word games done in this fashion and I found it rather refreshing.

The crossword section however, is just that. A crossword. Unlike the anogram games,the crossword puzzles are pretty standard. Now, don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing I particularly dislike about them, there’s just nothing great about them. In contrast to the other games in the app, there is only one game mode and the player has no ability to choose the subject of the words that appear in the puzzle. There are, at least, several difficulty levels and a large selection if puzzles to keep the player going for awhile. Overal, I’d say this portion of the game is pretty average.

Fortunately, the word search game mode seems to more than redeem this app. The word search – once again – let’s you pick categories. Except this time each category has it’s own subcategory, which makes for a lot of word searches. And – unlike a lot of traditional games which have become available for ios – the touch controls are perfect. Like the crosswords, there is only one game mode. Fortunately the smoo touch controls and abundance of subject categories more than make up for it.

Overal, I’d say Modern Words is one of the best word games I’ve come across and I’d recommend it to anyone, whether or not they play that particular genre of mobile games. Although the crossword puzzle are rather standard, the anogram games and word searches bring new innovation to the table that the genre desperately needs. Hopefully Modern Words proves to be a trend setter for future games to come. On a scale of five, I’d give this game game a four. If they spice up their crosswords a bit in the future, I’d give them four and a half to five stars any day.

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