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Beep-beep the lawn mower is here. Ever wanted to mow your lawn even after your mom incessantly pestered you to do it? Odd are never. But this is one lawn that will not only get you mowing away in enthusiasm, but motivate your friends to mow better than you. Here you have Mow-Town Riding LITE for your smart phone that is set to put farming out of fashion.

Mow-Town Riding LITE requires the perfect mix of maneuvering skills without panicking under a ticking clock. The game is simple- you have to mow the maximum grass within a limited time. You are not allowed to run over anything except the grass indicated as a green area. This task is made difficult with flower beds, sidewalks and pots placed in your way. Mow over them and you lose points from your score. Mow-Town Riding LITE is bound to be a game of reflexes and time management. In a timed race, try to see who out-mows you.

If you have mastered its sixteen levels, you will have to wait for the developers to send in more levels and features in this game, which you can update your app with. Mow away!



  • Play a timed race to compete with your friends in Mow-Town Riding LITE to mow the maximum area in the shortest time.
  • Use game controls to accelerate your lawnmower, reverse it and even turn it around.
  • Each level has a set of hurdles placed before your mower. Clear these and the path gets more and more slippery with each level.
  • See different scenarios for running your lawnmower like a garden, a castle garden, a park etc.
  • The graphics of the game app have animated cartoons.
  • Mow-Town Riding LITE developed by Sunlight Games GmBH for smart phones has a size of 13.3 MB.
  • Mow-Town Riding LITE is optimized for smart phones.
  • The sad part for those with the free version is that you can play only four levels of this game.
  • The full version includes 16 levels as of now, which don’t sound like many. However, the game is still being developed to add more features and levels. These levels can be updated for those who have bought the full version.
  • Send in your high scores to Game Center.
  • The tutorial coaches you in depth.
  • The present version of the game is 1.0. More levels and features are being developed for full version users.
  • German, English, French, Italian and Spanish- Mow-Town Riding LITE supports all these languages.



Summary: Mow-Town Riding LITE is a great way to unwind after a boring day with an engrossing and tricky lawn mowing activity.

Good: The timed races in Mow-Town Riding LITE do put your skills to the test. The hurdles are sufficiently challenging.

Bad: Sixteen levels of all green may make some gamers bored. But free users of Mow-Town Riding LITE have little to say about this. There are just 4 levels in the free version.

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