Mussila Wordplay – A Wonderful Tool To Help Your Children Learn Vocabulary

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It is not an easy task to get children to learn as they get deviated easily. If at all we need to grab their attention and make them sit in one place and learn, we need something extra special. When creative tools are combined with technology in the form of apps, they will help build curiosity in children and learn the better way.

Mussila Wordplay is one awesome reading and comprehension app that facilitates the kids in strengthening their vocabulary and also let them learn in a fun way. When the users get to play, they will be able to improve their language skills, memory, auditory understanding and speech. The Mussila way of learning is the methodology of learning through play. It helps children to learn English as a native even when they are not fluent in it.

Different activities in Mussila Wordplay are as follows:

Learn: The Learn path helps you to learn words every day, follow the instructions and play with the scenes.

Play: The play portion of the app helps to play games and quizzes and come up with all the concepts together.

Practice: The practice section helps to put in what the kids have learned so far, get to read amazing stories and review all the vocabulary.

Create: The create path helps us to make original fun stories with the story creator.

Mussila Wordplay game has won so many awards and it has been the first and foremost choice of parents and teachers to teach their kids new words and instill in them the habit of reading. The app has been so useful, especially during the time of pandemics when children had restrictions in attending school. It is a handy tool that is intuitive and easy to use. It has greatly helped in discovering the knowledge and skills of the students. Kids will be able to learn new vocabulary, practice reading skills and improve reading comprehension.

Mussila Wordplay is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The lifetime subscription of the app came for a price of $19.99. The premium subscription is available for a price of $5.99. Mussila offers extended solutions to school for both remote and in-class learning. When you need any queries resolved, you can contact them at Any questions, feedback or suggestions, you can reach the team at

Mussila Wordplay is one awesome digital learning solution for kids with the ‘learn, play, practice and create’ methodology.

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