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The whole idea and perception of dating has changed over the years. Chivalry is now a novelty and the age of relationships has reduced quite a bit. With so many changes, another important aspect has also changed- finding a boyfriend.

My Virtual Boyfriend, developed by WET productions Ltd, is an iOS app hat is here to revolutionize the concept of dating among the present generation. This app has been designed for the straight ladies as well as the gay men. Finding your love has now become extremely simple with this app. Weird as it may sound, it can be quite a bit of fun. Of course, it can’t match up to the standards of a physical live boyfriend, but it has quite good standards.

In this so-called game, you have to find a virtual boyfriend and have him fall in love with you. There are about 100 odd guys to choose between, a lot of which portray themselves as the typical male stereotypes. Then you can play your part by customizing the clothing, face, hair and even name. To begin with, your virtual boyfriend will use some cheesy pick up line to try to get your attention and impress you. It is up to you to decide how to react, either with a disgusted face or a smiley and thumbs up or angry face and thumbs down or confused.

This is not all. The app can get quite interesting with innovative ideas such as choosing dates or other activities or complimenting and holding hands. If you wish to interact, you can do so by caressing cheeks, slapping, poking the belly and other gestures. When you slap, the manner in which the slap has been brought out virtually is quite intelligent and worth trying out.

The kind of boyfriend that you get on this app depends on the criteria that you enter before starting this game. He could be fun, boring, jerk, smart and whatever you want him to be. The best part is that you can switch boyfriends in no time unlike in the real world. All the pain and emotion has been left out of the picture to make things easier for you. As the game proceeds, you unlock more interesting things to do at each level as you get him to fall deeper in love with you.

An attractive and interesting feature in this app is photo face mapping. With this, you can make just anyone your virtual boyfriend by taking a photo of that person and adding his face to that of your virtual boyfriend. Also, to save you the trouble, there are absolutely no ads. This means undisturbed fun with your virtual partner.

My Virtual Boyfriend is an app that means guaranteed fun. It can even get very hilarious at times as you try your level best and so does your virtual boyfriend. It is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, it has been priced at $0.99, which is a little expensive for what the app has in store and offers to you.

You can visit developer’s site here.

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