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Have you ever found yourself forgetting to use your reward card, or missing out on a very important event just because you didn’t know about it? Well, this happens a lot even to the best amongst us. The good news however, is that there is a new application that will help you find and remember any important thing happening around you. Launched by BIG Little Apps, NearMinder will help you in remembering things to do, finding interesting nearby places to go or events to attend while providing detailed directions on how you will get there.

With NearMinder you will never forget to use that loyalty card or miss out on a great event again!

Don’t forget the groceries.

With NearMinder Contextual Reminders you will be able to create reminders which will appear each time you visit the named place or location. You can do this by tapping the icon found at the upper left which create reminders that appears within very few minutes after arriving at the named restaurant or store. For example, you can enter “CVS” as your location and “Use Extra Bucks rewards!” as the reminder that will show up when visit any CVS store.

Explore around you.

With Nearby Places you will be see all the important details about the current visit location or other places nearby. Information about the current visit location is displayed on the text area found below the mapped location. If that location happens to be a performance venue and has events occurring even in a few hours after you visit that location, information will be displayed alongside a link to more event details, if available.

Find art exhibits, concerts, and more.

With Nearby Events, you will never miss any interesting event happening nearby. This app will show a list of all important events happening near you on a list found below your map. You can then tap an event on the list to get more event details. You can also get directions to those events from your location, by tapping the info pop-up which shows driving or walking directions in the map. For certain events, full ticket-ordering information is also available through a link found below the Event description. To reserve a spot or purchase tickets, just tap on this link.

Get together with other people.

With Nearby Meetups, you will never miss out on a Meetup happening near you. Use its Search feature to enter the description of the particular type of Meetup which you’re interested in, whether its Music, Art or else. It also allows you to specify the maximum distance by which it will search for the Meetups. Full sign up information is also available if you tap the link found below the Meetup description in case you would like to reserve a spot at the found Meetup.

Nearby Points of Interest.

With NearMinder you will never miss out on the nearby Points of Interest. This app shows a list of the nearby Points of Interest below the map. Tap on a location within the list to check the full details about that point.

Compatibility and availability.

NearMinder is compatible for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It works on iOS 8.3 or later and is available for free download in the App Store. The best thing about this app is that it does not come with any in app purchases or discreet banner ads.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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