Nerdy Image Downloader

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Nerdy Image Downloader is a useful chrome extension which helps you to download the images. Primarily it downloads images from Pinterest board into zip. This popular Nerdy Image Downloader is a tool for downloading images in bulk/batches. More importantly you can easily download images from Pinterest boards. This tool automatically scrolls for you to collect all images and downloads them into a zip folder.

What makes Nerdy Image Downloader so special?

  • Automatically scroll down to get all images
  • Preview images that are going to be downloaded
  • Set the number of images per zip folder download
  • Currently working on Pinterest Boards
  • Working on adding more features and site compatibility

How to use Nerdy Image Downloader

  • Tap on search top toolbar
  • Enter keyword into SearchView toolbar to search images
  • Select the image you want to download
  • You can share the image with your friends or set wallpaper
  • Use of Search Images
  • You can easily Download Images
  • Search History & Sharing images
  • You can set downloaded images as wallpaper to your device
  • Use of Search Filters

Important Characteristics of Nerdy Image chrome extension

  • Simplicity
  • High quality & Amazing concept
  • Fast loading time & Good Performance
  • Compatibility & Engaging
  • Compactness
  • Visually appealing
  • Qualitative and user friendly UI/UX

How the chrome extension works:

You can download and install the Nerdy Image Downloader chrome extension on your devices. Now the users can easily launch the chrome extension and start using it. This extension is wholly appreciated from all corners of users and immensely recommended to all.


Nerdy Image Downloader is a special chrome extension where users will be coming back over again and I suggest it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys perfect chrome extension for Image Downloader.



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