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We often hear people say that “A picture is worth a thousand words”! This is indeed a true fact as pictures are priceless memories that capture beautiful moments in time, whether at a family holiday, wedding or birthday. All of us have all our pictures stored digitally in numerous devices and it becomes cumbersome to gather them and sort it out in different albums manually. But, there is an ideal solution to this issue: NicePrints. NicePrints, developed by Via Indice S.L. is a photo organizing application for Apple iOS devices that aids you in creating spectacular albums in a matter of a few seconds!

No iPad or iPhone will be totally free of cluttered images and it can really become hard organizing and managing them. Just like how these devices have made photography on the go possible, NicePrints lets you build albums on the go. This app makes it easy to create a photo book for every occasion. You can print the photos whenever it is convenient for you or even better, order prints through the app. NicePrints will deliver the album right at your doorstep.

NicePrints is the perfect application to de-clutter all your devices and keep track of the hundreds of pictures that are stored in them. By organizing pictures that are stored in them, NicePrints creates additional space for more photos. The app also helps in compiling old pictures into delightful scrapbooks and users can treasure them forever. The application offers great ease of use and enables you to put together a wonderful album whether you are in queue at the bank, riding in a bus or even while taking an evening stroll!

Features & Benefits

• The app offers 60 different themes to choose from to create a brilliant album. These themes fall under 12 popular categories such as Birthday, Carnival, Christmas, Halloween, Black & White, Colors, Communion, Wedding, Baptism, Love, Kids, and Holidays.

• It is a very simple task to order prints using the application or even print your own photos. These prints are available in 3 different sizes, 3.5*4.5″, 4*6″ and 6*8″. All that you have to do is mention the size and number of prints, and the photos will be delivered right at your door step!

• Once the album is created, it can be easily shared with your friends and family by uploading it to Facebook with a few taps!

• The photo albums that you create using NicePrints will be automatically stored as high quality images and will be immediately available to print.

• The application is very easy to use and offers excellent intuitiveness and user interface.

• The newer versions will also feature a calendar and greeting card template that allows users to design calendars and cards on their device.


The application is compatible with Apple devices and Android devices. Other than that, a photo organizing application that costs absolutely free.

NicePrints definitely ensures that photo organizing is now made easy!

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