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How do you enjoy a moment? I think every individual has a different way of expressing their feelings. For example- if you propose a guy or a girl, you want to make them feel special, if you get promoted you throw a party at the best restaurant, when there is any occasion- anniversary, birthday, or any other events, you cook delicious food, order from restaurants or dine in! Well, whatever may be the reason, you want to enjoy that moment to make it a memory. And, the food is the main part of that celebration! Isn’t it? We eat to live, and we love to eat! Without food, everything is incomplete. Nowadays, people order food online from various food partners, which deliver the best food from various restaurants. But, I prefer dining in, rather than ordering food from outside. Just because I want to enjoy their services and to feel the ambience of the restaurant. So I look for the best restaurants nearby and go there whenever I want to! Last week, I got an amazing app which helped me while searching a good restaurant with high customer ratings and best quality food!

Now, you must be thinking how can I say that the restaurant is amazing without tasting the food and dining there! Let me tell you, the app No dining curves, provides you a list of all the restaurants which includes: Menus, Recommended, A-grade restaurants, Location, Favorites, and Cuisine. The cuisine type can be Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai or any other. You need not download the PDF files of the menus as the app clearly provides the Menu of each and every restaurant. The list shows only the top rated restaurants which are safe and hygienic for you! It gives you the safest and satisfying dining experience. You will also find the location of the restaurant on the map which shows the correct address, inspection grade, customer grade, and distance from your location.

No dining curves has been offered by Vanguard I.T. in the category ‘Food and drink’. It allows its users to find the best restaurants and bars in various cities in the country such as: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle. The app has been compatible with all the latest versions of the Android Operating systems. Soon, it will be launched in your city as well. You can contact it’s customer support anytime if you want to ask a query!

In a nutshell, I would say that No dining curves is the safest app if you’re looking for a cool restaurant without wasting your time and get the best experience there. It’s a 100% genuine app and gathers all the information for you such as: inspection grades, customer grades, restaurant menus, etc. The app is available for free on the app store. Go for it now! You can catch the team of this app on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as well!

Eat healthy, stay healthy with no dining curves!

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