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Human minds often forget things very easily, which is why we always like to make a note of important things while we go for shopping and also about other important events, dates and activities. Note taking has been an integral part of human race since its early inception, history of many great events is the existing proof. The advent of smart phones has digitized the way in which we take notes and set reminders through a wide range of apps. The Note Anytime App is one such app which has been developed and launched by the MetaMoJi Corp for android users for free download from the Google Play App Store. The users will require Android 4.0 or later version for the efficient functioning of the app.

Note Anytime for Android is a multi-purpose app where the users can take notes, have access to an in-app browser, create professional sketches and drawings, make use of virtual white board and the list goes on. The app has an impressive graphic design and user friendly layout. The pen styles and the images provided within the app have been designed in a manner which is extremely appealing to users. Navigation through the app is so easy that even kids will be able navigate around with ease. The main aim of Note Anytime is to provide users with complete access to all the tools at the tip of their finger through their smart phone or tablet. The app has a very elegant design which avoids clutter and makes navigation user friendly.


  • Combine typed or handwritten notes with images and other illustrations easily.
  • Users can take notes, draw sketches, and make use of the virtual white board, annotate PDF documents or even surf the web.
  • Cross Platform support includes nearly all mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows.
  • with the app comes with a wide variety of pen styles and papers. Users can customize their work by choosing different colors, transparency, and thickness and change other attributes to make their work unique. The paper styles include note types, calendars, musical scores and stationery.
  • The app provides the users with an exclusive feature of calligraphy pens which would help them in doing stylized lettering and curve correction.
  • The advanced scaling functions in the app will allow the users to zoom up to a level of 25 feet in diameter and 50X scaling. The visual clarity provided by this app is outstanding and shows the quality of their design. They also have powerful tools for photo editing without destroying the quality.
  • The “Jump to” feature in the app allows users to easily navigate through a document, or to tag any part of the document for later use. Summary

Note Anytime is the perfect app for everyone from kids in class to office-going adults. The app is available for free download from the Google Playstore, so download the app and make full use of its exclusive features.

Good – The design and layout

Bad-The cost of upgrading features could be lower.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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