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Invoicing, billing and tracking time seem to be the most time taking jobs for a freelancer and the employer. The system requires gruesome calculation, complex modeling and everything that can make life difficult. The unwanted paperwork takes time and thus makes you spend money in some way or other. There are applications and software in the market that can solve this problem but you will have to pay a heavy monthly rental for the same. However, the solution is here with the advent of Nutcatche. It is a unique invoicing and billing application that you can access through internet and the best part is, you can avail this for free.

Nutcatche is an app that is available for free. You require activating your account by providing you basic information such as name, profession, date of birth, email address and such things. Verify your email address and a whole new world of invoicing and billing will be opened to you. The first thing you require to do is to create a company. Select the number of employees, currency, place and name of the company in order to create one. Now you can add your employee data and ask them to join as user. You can now make clients, create invoice, track time and do all sorts of things from your account which is available for free.


  • Nutcatche is a web based app which does not require any special technology to run.
  • The app is completely free and you don’t require paying any subscription fee for the same.
  • You can use the app for invoicing and billing your client.
  • The app can be used both by a business holder and a freelancer for its distinct features.
  • The app is quite easy to sign up and use.
  • You can choose and add services for which you are making the invoice.
  • You can add clients and edit the client information.
  • You can also check the previous billing done and there is no requirement of entering the information of the clients again and again while invoicing.
  • Check worked hours, track time by project and employee with the help of this software.
  • You can create as many users as you want with the user creation tool available with the app. The users are essentially your employees and you will be the owner. You can track their timesheet and make compilation.
  • The app makes the process of time tracking and billing completely tension free and paper free.
  • When your data are kept properly, the analysis and reports will be done in minutes, thus, saving a lot of time.

Summary: Nutcatche is a free app on invoicing, billing and time management that comes with the feature of employee management, and tracking time according to projects. The app has all the features that are required for managing a small or medium business.

Good: The app is available for free and the process of signing up is quite easy. The app is self teaching and that makes it easy to grasp.

Bad: The app is full of facilities, and there is nothing bad noted yet.

Worth Having Application : Try it Today.


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