Odds API – The Ultimate API To Pull In Sports Data

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API’s are a set of protocols or routines that help you build applications and provide access to developers to any kind of data they need. The possibilities with a well-structured API are many and can be utilised when programming with GUI components. API helps developers by saving a lot of time they will have to put in when they start from scratch. There are API’s that provide updated info with real-time data. If you require access to sports info, then there are API’s that give you information on any kind of sport as well.  

Yes, this application named Odds API fetches you data on various sports events. It can be football, volleyball, soccer and pretty much every sport in different countries like Germany, France, United States, Italy and others. The API pulls in sports odds data for many sports from US, UK and Aussie bookmakers.

With more than 30+ bookmakers, the API gives you access to over 15+ sports. It provides real-time odds from live and upcoming  sports events updating more frequently as the game commences. With just a few lines of code and easy integration, Odds API gets your job done. It brings you odds data from across the globe and the results are returned in a JSON format that is easily readable. The codes are also available in formats that apply to your browser and PHP, Node.js, CURL and Python programming.

The monthly pricing plan of Odds API goes from small, medium to large and yes, there is also a free plan available. The number of requests / month, the markets, the bookmakers, the type of sport and the HTTPS encryption all vary with the plan you choose. Well, if you are someone with a bigger plan like creating an app for betting, e-sports or live sports updates, then you can choose the annual subscription plan with 20% discount.

The team try their best to provide an uptime service with maximum reliability and availability counting to 99%. In case of any queries the team is ready to respond when you contact them through the contact form on the website. Use Odds API to track sports results in an easy and effective manner. When you want to get the live odds and updates of scores as the game occurs, Odds API comes in handy. It is one consistent and reliable source that helps making your developing work a lot easier.

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