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Marketing has been a field job for years when people used to go door to door to advertise or sell their products. Of course, every small businessman doesn’t have the potential to invest in Television ads and therefore the only way would be either setting up huge banners on roads or asking for help in friend circle. One more thing they would do is hire affiliates who would advertise the product on their own by distributing brochures or the same door to door service. These procedures are followed even now. But you have to pay these affiliates whether you get the sales or not. So it’s not a fool-proof method to follow. Now when you have internet, procedure is still the same for masses and that’s why a third party gets the vote. You need to invest wisely and that’s why we have come up with a 3rd generation affiliate program. Let’s hear from it!

I am talking about Omnistar’s Affiliate Software ( which runs an affiliate program for small businessmen like you. No longer do you need to invest thousands of dollars without any returns. In fact, that’s the main advantage of using Omnistar. You pay only when you get sales. Let me tell you how.

After you’ve signed up for their program and installed their program which is a 5-minute job, you’re ready to create your offers. Yes, with the help of their Software, you can create your own offers and set rules regarding the rewards/commissions you’ll pay to the affiliates in return of the sales. This software works with any shopping cart and you can use your own domain as well. So there will be no problem setting that up. Now you have to hire the affiliates. So you’ll have to market your offers/banners in the affiliate forums or you can add your website to the affiliate directory so that you can hire top affiliates in a short time.

After you’re done recruiting the affiliates, these people will publish your ad on other websites and if you get a sale through any of them, only then will you pay the affiliate. No need to pay otherwise. Moreover, you not only get sales but your SEO ranking is also optimized. The affiliates will put your webpage link on other websites which will serve as a back link for your website. The number of such back-links decides what rank your website holds in Google’s listing.

The user interface of this Software is very intuitive and easy to understand. When I first heard about affiliate marketing, I thought it to be very technical and difficult to handle. But after you have all the details in your hands, the words are absent from your dictionary. Proper reports make sure you don’t miss a single weak link.

There is a 15-day free trial available when you sign up for the first time. After that, you can sign up for any paid plan starting from $47.95/month and going up to $297.95/month depending upon the number of tracking requests and affiliate users allowed. They can also create a custom plan for your requirements.

So overall, this Software is simple-to-use, cost effective and reliable in terms of sales conversion. So what fits better than this one?

Pros: intuitive UI; pay after sale; guaranteed integration; free setup; advanced SEO Software; use your own domain; 15-day free trial.

Cons: none.

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