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As a field representative of a company, your job is to contact the store owners/managers, meet them and look out for any possible sale opportunities. But when you’re visiting more than 50 such stores per day, how can you expect to keep a record of each such meeting? Also, how do you rate each such meeting? Obviously each interaction is not the same and by the end of each such interaction, you know whether it’s an opportunity you can count on or not. So if you can review each such meeting at the end for future references, wouldn’t it be great! Moreover, you need to report to your manager everyday and providing a detailed analysis of each and every such meeting is not possible. But as a manager, it’s your responsibility to keep every leg moving in the right direction. So how’s all that possible?

Well, as long as Outfield is there, everything’s possible. Outfield is a mobile-interaction CRM online service that helps you, as a field representative, to keep a log of your check-ins in different stores and also lets you share that info with your manager. It’s actually a combination of two different apps. While you can use the web app for management purposes, there is an iOS app by the same name which the field representatives will be using.

The iOS app is very simple to use. Whenever you enter a store, just check-in there and your location will be saved. Then after your meeting, if you have any notes regarding any new demands by the client or any complaints for example, you can jot them all down in a note. If the client is new and you’ve got any phone number or email address, you can add them to that particular check-in so that you can contact him later. So it becomes lot easier for you to manage your meetings and visits as you don’t have to keep half your brain empty to store these important bits of information. But how does your manager get all this info?

Each of your activity is directly fed to the online account of your manager and your manager is notified on his phone if there’s any new activity, just like a Facebook post. If there are more than one field reps, all of them can be managed by the same account. As a manager, your online account contains all the information and statistics of your team’s performance. You can see how many new visits have been done and how many of them have actually gone down to a meeting. There are statistics of calls, emails and notes as well. The comparison with the last month’s performance keeps a constant push for more.

The UIs of both the app and the online service are super-easy. They’re very smooth to navigate and all the controls have been stacked so neatly that it feels like a room filled with fresh air when you log in. The design is refreshing and amazing. The connectivity is good with the mobile app and it’s pretty quick as well.

The web service is currently offering a 30 day free trial to all its users. So it’s a very good chance to try out all the features and increase your sales. Make sure you get your hands on it today!

Pros: super-easy to use; smooth navigation; helps jot down notes and save any phone number/email addresses for field reps; analytical reports of the whole team’s monthly performance for manager; notifications on phone; free trial.

Cons: none.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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