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I spotted Phone Lab – Device Utility Application developed by Raqun Labs on the Play Store last week while I was at browsing and I had to passionately download it and give it try myself. Needless to say, this accolade of gem does whole lot of benefits to global users.

It is the best utility application for your phone, also as WhatsApp cleaner, Root Checker, Telegram cleaner. More amazingly it wholly works offline and we do not send or store your data to anywhere.

With Real Time Analyze of Phone Lab, you can check your device and get notified instantly. If you do not prefer it is possible to disable it from Settings screen. Phone Lab does not have secret background operations. Every device check is being done with Real-Time Analyze and you can disable or enable these operations any time you want easily.

Important Features of Phone Lab – Device Utility Application

  • On Apps screen, you can see, search, manage and share the installed applications on your phone.
  • On Device screen, you get some details about your device, current Android OS and check if your device is rooted or not.
  • On Storage screen, you can see available and total storage of your device. Also you can set low level storage notification to get notified when your storage level is low. With suggestions, you can see some third party app’s file counts, sizes and clean them easily with one tap.
  • You can use Phone Lab as WhatsApp cleaner, Telegram cleaner and Downloads cleaner easily.

I strongly suggest giving Phone Lab – Device Utility Application developed by Raqun Labs a try if you are in the passionate mood for a special app this weekend with a good emphasis on features.

Key Features of Phone Lab

  • On Power screen you can see power and charge info. You can set an alarm for low battery and get notified before you’re getting out of battery life.
  • On Memory screen you can see how much available memory you have at the moment. Also you can find your running apps and stop them easily to free up some memory.
  • On Screen part of Phone Lab, you can see your current background picture of your device, change your background or share it with your friends easily.

In conclusion there’s nothing that reveals the rewarding satisfaction people get when they actually figure out the correct app solution namely with Phone Lab – Device Utility Application developed by Raqun Labs.


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