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One of the most attractive features of iPhone or iPad is its picture-perfect camera that comes with it. The screen resolution, picture quality and its ability to enhance the contrasting colors in the picture are the factors that make the iCamera a class above the rest. Due to our tendency to click more photos than is required, we kind of forget the petty details and the context against which a particular photo was clicked. Photo-Radar does the exact task of tagging the location and the timestamp against every photo clicked. It acts as a virtual memory assistant to your iCamera.

Whoever or wherever you are, if you happen to be a geeky traveler or an adventurous freak or just an enthusiastic person who is always trying to capture all moments precious to you, the Photo-Radar is a must-download for you. What this app does is it stores the GPS co-ordinates of the place that you tag, which is the most accurate parameter of a geographical location, and sets the current timestamp for the photo. It has an in-built map interface that communicates with the complete geographical information of the earth. And this app costs just $0.99 that hardly pinches your pocket. There is also a Photo-Radar Lite version which is free.

Featured Highlights

  • Exact longitude and latitude co-ordinates of the location where the photo is taken, are recorded
  • Existing photos too can be tagged by pointing out the location on a map
  • Any number of photos can be linked to a particular location on the map
  • The co-ordinates of a certain picture can be copied onto clipboard and pasted onto an SMS or Google Maps or just anywhere in the iOS. This feature also enables the user to share with their friends on social networking sites
  • Requires iOS 3.2 and above which means, it is installable on iPhone 3GS+ and all iPads


Since this app directly communicates with the map, we can easily find the route to and from the tagged location as per our preference. It is a very easy to use app since its user interface is very much connected to the supporting apps like camera and maps and they can be directly accessed, i.e., through the ‘Open in Maps’ option, the location of the photo is opened on Google Maps and route can be obtained through navigator app.


At times it turns out to be an added complexity to your relatively simple camera. On the installation of this app, you immediately get two folders namely ‘Saved Photos’ containing existing photos that has no co-ordinate information, and ‘My Photos’ that would contain all the tagged photos. And you need to tag each photo one by one. It would be easier if this app is built into the iOS, so that it exists by default.


Kudos to STDM Apps for conceiving this brilliant app in the nick of time, probably waiting for Apple Inc. to knock on their doors sometime. If you are a perfectionist looking to save your photos with their context and importance for posterity, then look no further than this pp. Photo-Radar is certainly a smart app worthy of all iDevices. You can view the App Video here.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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