Primetric – The Complete Solution To Your Entire Business Planning Regime

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Managing a business is not an easy task. We have to keep in mind so many things like the resources( men and material) we have, time allocated for the work, their efficiency in executing the job, budget, profitability and so on. If at all, there is a solution to all of these, it would be of great use, Isn’t it? Yes, Primetric helps you to plan with all the resources you have, manage projects, resources and skills, and finance. It also allows you to be on track of the time and timesheets and generate business intelligence reports. These reports will be higly useful to gather real-time insights, pay attention to the pain points and complete all your works successfully.

The application helps you to predict the availability of people and keep track of the time they spend on the projects. It helps you to compare your plans with reality and understand the operational and financial performance in a single glance. When you have Primetric with you, you need not get stuck to the old spreadsheets that are time-consuming. It allows you to work smarter and achieve all the goals on time. When you need to balance all the workload, forecast the profitability across different projects and what time each employee spent on their work, attending meetings, and so on. Primetric brings all of this to one place and brings all the crucial business indicators to one point.

Primetric comes with world-class customer support which helps you to adhere to all the things that you feel are difficult in your business. These people are so good at understanding the needs of companies of various sizes. You need not worry about data safety and the team gives utmost priority in perfecting all the information relevant to you. It helps you to manage your company in one single place. Users can book a demo and request access by just entering their name, phone number and email id.

Primetric has different plans to match the needs of different businesses. It comes with Standard, Professional and Enterprise plans. It gives you all the basic access to the platform, all features for your managers & integrations included, initial onboarding & knowledge base access, custom onboarding & workshops and SSO (Google / Azure) and so much more. The standard and professional plans come for $17.10 per month. The enterprise plan allows you to choose options that are customizable with top quality support.

This awesome team has helped manage the time and team members of different companies so efficiently. I would recommend Primetric to all my business peers. It would be my one-stop solution to cater to all the needs of the business. It lets you be aware of what is happening and take control of things and come up with solutions before it is too late.

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