PrintJinni App Review – The Perfect On-the-Go Printing app

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The impact of Digital Revolution is felt each and every field and the changes it has made are really remarkable especially in the field of mobile technology, electronic devices and much more. Nowadays, no one carries hard copies of their important documents, all the documents are converted into any convenient format such as PDF, word or excel documents and they are stored on Cloud applications. But, there are times when you require soft copies of your documents, wouldn’t be nice if you can print your documents directly from your mobile with the help of wireless printing app. PrintJinni is an extremely useful application which helps you to print any kind of document directly from your mobile just with a few clicks. This app has been developed and launched by Thinxtream Technologies Pte Ltd and is made available for all android users.

PrintJinni allows its users to print any documents and photos from your Android device to MFP’s, different kinds of printers and all-in-ones. The app has been designed in a very user friendly manner; the user can find all the details related to printing with the options clearly highlighted in the menu. The printer management controls and the settings of the app can be navigated without any effort which makes printing process very simpler and easier. Users can print emails, PDF files, photos, Microsoft Office documents, email attachments with the help of PrintJinni app. The app also has the preview option which allows the users to preview their JPEG images before printing them. You can use your smart phone or your tablet and print unlimitedly with any compatible printer. You can also integrate the app with Google Cloud Print to print the files that are supported by PrintJinni.


  • Manage your printers with the help of PrintJinni along with your default printers.
  • The app also allows the users to browse and print the web site content of your choice.
  • Free 30 day trial with unlimited number of prints and access to all the features in the app.
  • The print resolution provided by this printing device is of high quality.
  • The system requirements for this app are wide ranging which makes it easier for many to use this app.
  • The app prints the JPEG files in their original resolution which is an outstanding aspect of this wireless printer app.
  • The app is compatible with different kinds of printers, some of which are Dell, HP, Xerox, Epson, Lexmark, Samsung and Ricoh.
  • Many languages such as US English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, Korean, Spanish and Italian is supported by the print app, so that you can use the app almost anywhere.


PrintJinni is an easy to use mobile printing app for all people, printing has been made so easy with this device. Connect wirelessly from anywhere and print in a hassle free manner. This app can be downloaded for free from Amazon and Google Play store, so download and print with ease.

Good – User friendly interface

Bad – There are some issues when printing the email attachments which need to be fixed.

Worth Having Application – Download the application


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