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Soccer Maniac team has launched a new encryption utility for iphone and ipad users recently .The most distinguishing features of this app is it sends the instantly encrypted messages in total privacy without no servers ,just secure encryption.It will leave no traces of messages to be accessed by unintended users. It is easy to use app and the installation is trivial.

Prying eyes may sneak into the business deals and other important messages that have been archived for users to access later.These messages are stored in the icloud or server which can be accessed by unexpected people.When it comes to secure handling messages from the intruder in the digital world,privy-top-secret can be the newest and offline secure encryption. The iPhone or iPad users can download and install from the app store and the user just have to create a custom encryption key to decode the message.

To keep the vault of private information secured,you would just have to type the normal message and with privy it would encode and circulate the information securely within the handful of intended recipients. There isn’t a slightest probability of the message being disclosed before it reaches safely to right person as it is encrypted . This app has advanced stenography algorithm and most of all it has easy retrievable message key for implementing forward secrecy. There is always a third party intervention when web server is connected . This app works without server connection which is the biggest strength of this app that it helps to adjust encryption itself safely.This app don’t allow intrusion as it disables key,preferences.It generates the key that intended users can communicate without any data beeing leaked to the central server.

Even if the past keys are stolen,the past communication are kept safe in hand.There has been conflict regarding whether such security apps succeed in the role of providing authenticity and confidentiality.And privy-top-secret secures its place,it is the only app which will create its own custom encrypted message to ensure the highest level of security. Some security apps may be handling the private encrypted message to the company that created the app.The keys used to encrypt and decrypt the communication are not managed by the Privy-top-secret development team so,it won’t be having access to the communication .

It adds a secure protection so as none can snoop into the private messages.So best protect your privacy to protect all your communication from pervasive surveillance. Such encryption app works on web server and the potentiality of message transfer is equally possible if the authorities forced the developers to modify software to get access to all private info technically. But this app has its critical feature of end-to-end encryption and working offline that ensures its trustworthy against the snooping foes. This app is compatible to ios 7,ipad and optimized for iphone 5,iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus. It has been made available in the app store from June 26 2015.Some of the technical issues are still been considered to provides a 100% secure and usable crypto platform for its users.

Worth Having App – Download for ios –  Download for Android