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I did notice few new amazing apps that hit the Play Store, so I have bit of trying up to do in terms of latest releases. One that specifically caught my eye was Quiz for SW – Fan Trivia app developed by Wyverin Entertainment because of the best features.

In order to find the good answer of how much do you really know about your favorite show, Quiz for SW – Fan Trivia is the perfect quiz app to test how big of a fan you are. You can actually guess the Actors, Characters and try to answer correctly at the questions. Moreover one will know everything about Star wars after this Quiz.

If the mobile app stores have taught us anything, it’s that uniqueness really isn’t that important. Moreover, there are countless spins on every genre, and what really matters isn’t which apps came first but which ones is more quality. For me the familiar Quiz for SW – Fan Trivia developed by Wyverin Entertainment is the ultimate Quiz app.

Important Features of Quiz for SW – Fan Trivia

  • There are lot of levels waiting for you
  • Great Game Mode”BET THE FACT” – Bet if you can Guess the question right.
  • The more you bet, the more you win
  • You can get hints and remove letters if you are stuck
  • It is simple & challenging
  • You can test and increase your knowledge

No matter what users are into, it is just downright satisfying to experience this reputed app namely – Quiz for SW – Fan Trivia. Also if you are searching for unique Android app on key features, then I suggest giving Quiz for SW app a look. The various features and instructions that you come across fit the user’s requirements rather well, and are pretty quality.


Quiz for SW – Fan Trivia app developed by Wyverin Entertainment iscertainly something that’s so much different on the Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. 

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