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Have you chosen an instrument to trade in the markets? If so, what would you expect? We will desire to have a trading platform that would allow us to execute trades in quite in few minutes. We all look for a trading app that would be fast, seamless and profitable. You can already be a pro trader or new to stock trading. It is necessary that you know about the good apps in the market and choose the perfect one. The app named R Mobile Trader would be a wiser choice 

R Mobile Trader is an online trading app that is available for iOS users. It brings the global market to the users’ hands and allows them to access it from their mobile device anytime and anywhere. It allows the users to watch the markets even without signing up. Users are provided with free charts and quotes. The app comes with a plethora of features, easy usability and lower charges.

Given by the seller, RoboForex (CY) Ltd, R Mobile Trader lets users trade with hundreds of currency pairs, Gold, Stocks and Derivatives. The app is loaded with so many analytical resources like forecasts, reviews of economic events, online trading signals and so on. The app is an integrated copy-trading platform that facilitates finding the most effective traders and adapting their success. The app also gives users a free $1000 demo account where users will be able to practice trading sessions and test robots without risk.  

R Mobile Trader is totally safe and secure to use and it gives users complete control over the accounts and funds. They can make deposits and check their investing history all in a single glance. The app gives forecasts every single day which allows you to analyze the market. All the popular indices, oils and metals and top stocks that are available online can be monitored and invested through this app.  

The app includes about 9 tools for graphic analysis and has 13 indicators. The app provides access to analytics from RoboMarkets and it supports all forms of MT4 accounts. It let users monitor their quotes online without any delay. R Mobile Trader is a free app that is available in 16 different languages. This finance app is suitable for anyone in the family and is also compatible with Android devices and can be launched for the browser as well.  

R Mobile Trader gives you the power of trading from anywhere in the world. 

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