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Story reading is always an engaging time pass. Sometime in enhances knowledge and in some cases it refreshes your way of thinking. The Read To Me app for iPhone, iPad and iPod is a story reading app. This allows parents to be with their children and read their favorite stories to them even while they are nowhere in the physical vicinity of their child. The app works by recording a story in the parent’s voice. At bed time, children can turn on the app and listen to the story in their parent’s voice.

Read To Me app promotes bonding between parents and children. Even when parents are away on work, the little ones can easily turn on their favorite tale and listen to them while drifting off to sleep. The app allows users to upload title and page images together with each story in the app.


  • Read To Me app is compatible with iPhone, iPad Touch (3rd, 4th and 5th generation) and iPod and is developed by Read To Me.
  • Read To Me, version 1.1 requires a minimum of iOS 5 and later versions.
  • The app records audio stories, as they are read out by parents. Lots of stories can be recorded on it and parents can easily delete or create new tales with a simple tap.
  • Parents can also add images of the storybook cover, and pages to make it more interactive and interesting to their children. They can listen to each page and link it to the image of the characters or place and this doubles up the joy of bedtime stories.
  • Kindergarten kids who are old enough for reading can record stories, poems or songs in their own voice and listen to them whenever they want to.
  • Joint reading sessions improve a child’s reading skills and confidence. Parents can record words, sentences and short paragraphs to improve a child’s pronunciation, vocabulary and listening skills.
  • The app comes with a parent lock feature which enables them to save or delete story files from the app memory.
  • The app has a simple interface which is step-by-step process to record a story. Check the record tab to begin recording. Then the image can be added.
  • Parents can design the cover page of each tale.
  • After the story has been fully recorded, the Stop button should be pressed before the Finish button to save the story.
  • As a special offer, the app can be downloaded on an iPhone using the code – 97PP3YP6NLHE
  • The app is priced at $0.99 and occupies 13.1MB

Summary: The Read To Me app is the perfect bedtime story reading app. This is suitable for parents, who spend a lot of time away from their family such as those listed in the Forces, in the sales and marketing services and for any parent who miss reading out a funny bedtime story as they put the child to bed.

Good: Well functioning reading and voice recording app which can be uploaded with illustrations

Bad: The downloading needs to speed up.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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