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Introduction on the application

The iPhone Orderly app is by far the most visually amazing, pleasing and extremely effective to do list manager that any iPhone user can download and enjoy. With its super affordable cost, the Orderly app has continued to attract and serve many users well in in some unique ways, compared to the other to do applications that are widely available in the iOS App Store. All of these applications are well designed to effectively beat the Apple’s Reminders application by showcasing additional and far much better features that could easy wow anybody out there and top on the list is the Orderly app. Most people are interested in going for those apps with powerful features, but highly affordable in terms of cost and once again, the Orderly app is the right option.

Additional features and the cost of the Orderly app

Most people will once in a while require the use of some to do list reminders or managers in their day to day activities and I would personally recommend you to download and check out the Orderly app. It has actually been around for some good time now, but a lot of updates have been added including new and amazing features and the all new iOS7 look that is full of inspiration and is super attractive. With just $1, you can unlock all the amazing features of the entire Orderly application, without any extra or hidden in-application purchases. The app brings an entirely unique and a naturally way to easily manage all of your to do lists with such features as gesture driven interfaces, reminders that are location based, automatic prioritization of your to do list, flawless cloud synchronization and other spectacular features.

What should I know before purchasing the app?

One of the first thing that I got to see after purchasing and opening the Orderly app was its comprehensive and extensive tutorial that tries to explain all of its features to you, something that I consider cool and customer friendly, especially for the first timers. Even though you might be carried away and ignore the tutorials, you should however, pay attention as some of the features such as the gesture control might be a little complicated or rather complex to maneuver by yourself. Just in-case you ignore the tutorial and are experiencing some troubles with its usage, you shouldn’t worry or get frustrated as you can easily get all the help you need from their official site.

A much closer and candid look on the Orderly app features

Orderly app is more than just any other day to day to do app, as it has been equipped with some of the very interesting and amazing and super effective features, that can be easily used or accessed by the public out there. The ability for one to easily create a list within another list is just amazing and very reliable in as far as item organization is concerned. Other things that I have personal come to love and find to be super helpful is the ability to create both Home and Work views, something that is unique and not an option from the other to do applications. Then I found out that I could also change from one theme to another depending on my choice and preference, thus enhancing the visualization of the different lists or items and get to prioritize them in more than one ways. Whenever you get to add an item into your list, you can choose from the two available prioritization options, either by manually putting it on the top of your list or by using the due-dates option and allow Orderly to do the task for you, depending on the most urgent one. You can also utilize the location aware reminders which are pretty much similar to the Reminders app. You see, what I love about the totality of the Orderly app is its ability to offer well though solutions, to help keep you well organized.

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