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Calling all Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Bloggers, Journalists, Small Business Owners, and Researchers a like.  A new app has hit the market which reimagines cloud storage. Bublup lets you save anything all in one place. The stuff you save in Bublup is easy to navigate at a glance with pictures and titles. Keep links in the same folders as PDFs, photos, videos, GIFs, notes, and other files. It all looks good together, whether you’re collecting recipes or funny memes, planning a trip with friends, or doing a work project.

Bublup helps in your day-to-day activities both personally and professionally because you can organize ideas in one place. By creating visual folders with images related to your content it helps you see more at a glance (and it is prettier!) If you find yourself constantly struggling to find where you put an item when you need it, you should try Bublup. Especially because you can organize everything just how you want it. You can create a large number of subfolders for both personal and professional data. And everything can have a photo and description on it so anything you need is easy to find.

Bublup is also really useful if you need to do research because you can save any kind of content. If you have a website you want to bookmark, you can save it in Bublup. And you can save it alongside a note, photo, video, PDF, or file! And getting information into Bublup is super easy.  Simply drag and drop anything you want to save on your desktop into your Bublup folder, or click “share to” on your mobile device and choose Bublup as the destination.

Bublup has tons of users and their reviews show that the most-liked feature is the group folder. This feature allows you to share your folders with friends and colleagues to view the content which you’ve collected. You can control who joins the group and manage what level of permissions they have. You can also develop web pages using the“Rolls” feature in Bublup. This feature helps to share your ideas and content with the world easier. The personalized themes and designing options help you to easily design your Rolls. And you can share the URL with anyone whether they are a Bublup user or not.

Bublup has a pretty novel feature that provides suggestions based on the information you put in your Bublup folders and while you search around the web (with the Chrome extension). But it is important to note that any data you store in Bublup will be safe and secure.

Bublup is compatible with Android and iOS users. You can access it for free (up to 3GB capacity) and you can extend your storage by paying an affordable cost. Also, you can get 1GB of extra space (up to 12GB for free for life) by referring members through your group folders or personal referral link. If you have questions, you can contact [email protected].


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