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The Reminder and Countdown Free App for iPhone, iPad and iPod helps users remember dates and events with deadly accuracy. It is always an embarrassment when important days, events and anniversaries are forgotten. Birthdays, workplace parties, movie premiers, book launch and sometimes even one’s own or a loved one’s wedding dates are missed. The app takes it upon itself to help you create reminders and alarms for everything you need to remember in time, every time.

The Reminder and Countdown Free app comes loaded with multiple settings and options to make reminders and alarms enjoyable. There are different choices in text formats, sounds and repetitions.


  • The Reminder and Countdown app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod and requires a minimum of iOS 5.0.
  • The app, version 1.5, is developed by Sergey Astakhov and carries an iPhone 5 optimization.
  • There are reminders and countdown settings which can be activated for creating timely reminders for every kind of event and occasion. Users can set up ticking countdown clocks for birthdays, graduation parties, visits by friends or relatives, workshops, interviews, project deadlines, exams, tours, movie screenings, award nights and everything else.
  • Countdowns could be sorted by dates and time left.
  • Each individual reminder can be created in a variety of ways. Names and dates apart, each event can carry a special icon.
  • There are multiple reminder formats that can be set up. Users can choose to be notified before minutes, hours and weeks. Similarly, the date of the event can be set up in dual formats. Users can select the Month, Day, Date, Hour, Minute and Second and set it accordingly.
  • Users can choose different background screens for different countdowns. Similarly, they can choose the color and text of the reminder. A wide palette and text choices are available.
  • The App sized 44.4MB is available in English and Russian.
  • The Reminder and Countdown App is integrated with social media. This means that users can now share reminders and countdown virally and help one another stay up-to-date with events.
  • There are multiple sharing options. Users can send entire screenshots of their set countdowns, or simply send the text to friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.
  • They can also send the reminder through emails and SMS. The app makes it very easy to add recipients and distribute the reminder.

Summary: The Reminder and Countdown app is a brilliant way to keep track of all upcoming events. It is a real time countdown gear and notifies users of due dates at set intervals. Due to its simplicity and ease of use it is helpful for users as young as 4 yeas. It is a must have little app to stay ahead of time.

Good: The App comes with retina display, interesting graphics and live event reminder settings.

Bad: Some users do mention that there is a need for more reminder storage in the app. It currently supports up to 5 countdowns at a time and needs to expand on this feature.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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