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Scraping web pages that contain reviews from many sources is a well documented process. If done manually, it’s a time consuming task that involves adding several data sources, adapting to markup changes, managing proxy networks, etc. There are plenty of web applications which provide public APIs for gathering information. However, there are many popular mobile apps that do not have a public API. Every app contains a lot of information that we need, but there are no common tools for easily collecting data from these platforms. So how can we scrap reviews from various web apps or mobile apps? Is it possible to have a relevant tool in this process?

Yes, of course, Review API is the ultimate solution to scrape reviews from more than 30 sources to build your apps or custom reports. Whether you are building an application or managing your brand, Reviewapi makes reviews scraping easy, fast and reliable. To start with, you can simply Sign Up on the web page for free or view our pricing to avail more benefits.

Review API is an easy to use tool. You can find and scrape reviews from various sources. For example- Reviews from Google, Yelp, Product Hunt, Trip Advisor, etc. All can be found in a single place with Review API. When you enter a source, you will get the results in the JSON format that you can be easily integrated into your application. It offers pricing plans for every use. You can choose he plan that you are interested in and make a contract. Still, you are not satisfied, you can cancel, upgrade to downgrade at any time. There are free, small, medium, large and a very large plan for every use!

Reviews are needed for unlimited use cases such as machine learning, Brand monitoring, customer success, marketplaces, etc.

AI Model training requires large and well structured data sets and that is provided by the API. You can track user feedback with time and make an analysis, whether you’re taking the right business decisions or not. It’s good that there are positive reviews for an app or a website, but reacting to negative user feedback is very important to maintain the trust of people. Review API provides value to the users by enriching vendor profiles with customer feedback insights.      

Overall, Review API is an incredible tool to scrape reviews from many sources all over the world. If you want to extract reviews from a particular place, you need to do it manually. But, with review API it has become very quick and easy.

So start building your application and make your brand more powerful, trustworthy and user-friendly!

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