Running & Jogging Coach- Android App Review

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Running & Jogging Coach- android app is an advanced personal trainer for running and jogging both for novice and advanced runners. It records and measures your progress to improve your fitness. This app is simple, stable, and powerful, with a vocal coach and conference scheduler. This means you can perform and record your run and all kinds of training in a good serenity. You can schedule your workouts and then let yourself be guided by vibrator, the beeps and speech synthesis.

If you really need details about your run this is the best choice. This app comes with a serviceable interface which has amazing details. Although many apps can tell you how long you run and how much time it took you to complete the run, this app takes it a bit further. For instance, it can measure the altitude and speed of your run and chart it out on the graph. In case you slow down, the app will record that you have slowed down. This is unlike many android apps that do not have this feature.

It is very hard to go wrong with this app. More so, once you have downloaded it you can easily sign in with a Google account which is a very good thing. This helps you get proper tracking of your workout and choose from a number of training plans such as getting started, losing weight, and training for a race. It also has various levels that can accommodate all types of training. If you are looking for perfection then this app is good for you.

While using the app, you can get audible notifications just like any other app and you can also add your friends and your relatives just for fun or for accountability. It has been nicely designed, has proper upgrades, and is very easy to use. It is a great way to know how much you are putting on your body, it records wheel you run and how long your run takes. If you are using this app, rest assured that you will achieve your health goals.

Since it comes with advanced sharing ability it is easy to keep track of your running across many devices. Also, it comes with great social features hence you can view your progress on the internet as well. To keep you motivated, there are many virtual competitions. The main notable feature about the app is that it is highly compatible with many leading running accessories.


  • It has a compatible blue tooth, smart cardio belt, in all makes and in all models
  • Live sharing for all seasons
  • You can create edit and train your workouts with VO2OT season editor
  • Send an sms your lap
  • Beat your current record against a ghost of an old run

Before launching VO2OT you should launch your gps phone to start the workout. Remember, this gps can only tune outside the room or any house. This takeS between 10 seconds and 1 minute. above all this is among the best apps.

Worth Having App – Download the app


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