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I hope I’m talking to guys only because what I’m going to review next isn’t appropriate for under-aged and girls. No matter how modest a guy is on the outskirts of his material body, but there is a greed for beauty and sexual desires that arouse most during the early twenties of any person. But keeping it low isn’t easy neither is to confess in public. So we need to find some alternative way and I think internet has proved to be more than just an alternative. I won’t ask you to search for the porn websites but looking for beautiful girls is never prohibited or considered wrong. Whether it is a hot Hollywood actress or a beautiful street girl, everyone is acceptable in the world of men. So let’s go to one such service provider and take a look at what it has in stock for us.

The service provider is Norihito Kawabata who’s an app developer and the name of his app is Sexy Girls Lists. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.3.3 or any later version of the OS though I think that it should have been compatible with earlier versions as well looking at the content it offers.

In simple words, it is a web gallery of photos of sexy girls. When you first open the gallery, there are some faces available on the homepage and you can select anyone. Then it will open up into further photos of the girl you selected. There are many photos available for each girl but the number of such girls is limited. Also, all the girls are Asian and that too from a certain region of Asia. So you won’t be seeing any Russian or American girl which really takes this app off my list.

The only reason for you to download this app is that you won’t have to spend a penny and you can save any image you like for free. Though you won’t be enjoying the full gallery controls, but navigation is smooth with slide controls. There are not many controls to talk about as the app is very simple. The developer claims to have as many as 1.5million downloads of the Windows Mobile version of the app. It may be possible as there are many erotic-freaks out there, but the app doesn’t offer much to anyone.

But there is one thing I must appreciate is that there is no nudity at all and everything is under limits. There are many apps which promote nudity and porn with these kinds of apps but this one doesn’t belong to that category. Overall, I don’t think that the app justifies its reason to download. Neither it serves a great purpose nor does it serve that purpose completely. It’s more like a half-hearted effort to me.

Pros: no nudity; smooth gallery controls; ability to save images; free.

Cons: only asian girls; not many girls;half-hearted effort.

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