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This app is amazing. As a photographer with many friends, I often struggle to share the products of our shoots together. Shoto share is everything I could have asked for. It let’s me easily share pictures with all my friends effortlessly. Getting set up is easy! The second you sign into the app, the directions are straight forward and simple to follow. Once you’re set up, you can scroll through all of your photos in a layout that’s much nicer than the normal camera roll. The app groups photos for you to see in an interesting composition. At first, I was worried that all of my friends would see every picture I’ve taken, but that’s not the case. The app’s security is completely solid- you can approve the albums you want to share with people and you can disconnect the albums and pictures you would rather keep private.

The photo posting system is intuitive and you can see when something was posted, how many photographs are in any given album, as well as the location (if you so choose).
Even better, if you know that a friend has pictures of you at an event that they haven’t posted yet, you can just ask them! Normally asking friends for pictures that they promised to get to you is awkward and stressful- no one wants to feel like a nagging mother. Shoto takes care of this by making it as simple as the press of a button. On the timeline you’ll see a convenient little question under the albums: “Anyone else with you?” which upon selecting will open your phone’s address book. You can select anyone and everyone you know!

The app will send and SMS or Email to whomever you choose. Not only is this a fantastic way to share photos, but you can use it as a scrapbook! Instead of your exciting memories getting lost into the abyss of the internet, you can look through all of the pictures from the past. This is great because you don’t have to dig through computer files or shuffle through USB thumb drive. Another great feature is the ability to view removed albums. Sometimes when you delete something, it’s because you want to get rid of it forever, other times you feel nostalgic and think that deleting an album was a mistake. If the latter is the case, you can just go to the Shoto Share menu and select “Removed Albums” to see what you’ve removed.

Lastly, if you’re confused about anything at all, the staff is always on board. In the main menu, you can select “Live Help” which will hook you up with one of their staff members to chat with. This feature is first shown when you’re setting up the app. A worker simply checks in with you to see if everything is set up correctly and to teach you about several of the features. If you’re not confused and just have a comment about the app, you can start a new conversation with the staff to share your feedback.

My feedback? This is a stellar app that everyone should have on the home page of their phones.

Worth Having App –  Download for ios –  Download for android


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