Snap Happy with the Anytime, Anyplace Photo App, FindYou Photos

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In the age of the smartphone, everyone’s an amateur photographer. According to statistics, more photos are being taken than ever before, with an estimated 1.7 million shots being snapped in 2017 alone. The popularity of apps like Snapchat and Instagram have undoubtedly affected this swell of amateur photography, but what’s also a contributing factor is the ease by which anybody with a smartphone can take a picture. It’s so easy, in fact, that losing track of what photos you were in and where they were taken is a common occurrence. Sure, there’s tagging, but app developer Liam Rogers thinks he’s come up with a better method: his new app FindYou Photos is out now in the App Store.

FindYou Photos revolves around a smart idea, which is that a communal library of photos is better than a lone camera roll. What that means practically, is that users upload photos to the app using the place, date and time they were taken. Other people who were with them at the time can then search through these parameters on the app’s interface, and gain access to a huge amount of photos that were taken in and around the same area and time that they were there. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t; in fact, it takes a simplified big picture view (excuse the pun) of our photo sharing lives. We share them all anyway; why not give people the choice of searching for snaps that are personal to them?

FindYou Photos has many uses. For instance, it can be great for big events like weddings or birthday parties; guests could log on the next day and browse all the photos taken from different cameras and smartphones at the event, maybe finding some of themselves that they can reshare on their own platforms. It’s great for holidays, especially crowded tourists spots, where you can potentially browse through hundreds of shots from different angles at the exact places you were. The other clever thing about the app is that time doesn’t matter. On platforms like Instagram, it’d take you hours to find shots from a specific time, especially if they were from a long time ago. With FindYou Photos, that’s not a problem, as each photo or collection of photos comes uploaded complete with a time stamp.

All in all, FindYou Photos is a very clever idea with a wide variety of uses. The key to its success however, is a lot of people downloading it and using it. So what are you waiting for? Get on board this new way of sharing snaps, and download FindYou Photos from the App Store today!


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