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It is noted that everyone adores listening to music. Ever since the launch of fame YouTube which brought us virtually all the music in the world on demand. Most of the users on the Internet have accepted music as a part of their daily lives. The rise of quality services brought music even more into everyone’s lives, and now we have Socialmob – Music Social Network that take full advantage of the features modern technology gives us.

Socialmob is a global music networking community. They primarily help connect people from all walks of life, all over the world, depending on which of original tracks they love listening to, and identity that they showcase through the feed. They make it easy to create mobs which inspire and support.

They are regarded as best global music networking community and can find, support amazing indie artists with mind blowing tracks. They run into humans everywhere, yet we know so little about each person. But they do know almost all of humanity:

  • Listens to music and
  • Actively searches for deeply meaningful connections

The app offers

  • a global social network for Indie music lovers, apart from being an
  • internet radio and podcast app
  • one of the best free indie music apps

By effectively using these features, they help individuals form richly satisfying communities with bonds that surpass superficial interaction, and are professionally formed on the basis of the kinds of beats one loves listening to and the stuff a person shares on the feed.

You can connect through shared interests, artists and tracks you discover, and support these hardworking creative musicians while doing so. Moreover you can also use the app as a search result for “good music” or “best indie music app”, or “free music streaming” since they do have mind-blowing original tracks, but it’ll be even more fun to do exactly the same things with people who exactly match your vibe.


If you’re a fan of this kind of music app and love new aspects, then this will not disappoint. To make things even more interesting, there are quality areas that users can explore, so there are number of reasons to try every nook in this app.



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