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Schedulehead brings a high end technology driven service to help you schedule your staffs. This latest, one of its kind application can be highly effective for individuals as well as for businesses. The app holds artificial intelligence which not only schedules your staffs but also takes the same decision you would in certain circumstances. The Schedulehead application functions like a self- operating brain and thinks just the way you do. It treats your employees not like objects but like people and considers their history and skills while scheduling and rewarding.  The application also comes with a ranking system that helps you to recognize the skills of your staffs and also rate their performance.

The application takes maximum care to make the scheduling perfect; and in order to ensure that you always get the best service it strikes the right balance between your experienced skilled staffs and new workers. The other facility of the app is that, it can directly reach out to your staffs through, texts and mails to inform about their schedules and ensure their attendance right in time.


  • Getting on board with Schedulehead is simple. You only need to send a link to your employees and they can directly sign up all by themselves; so you need not to take any extra headache for bringing all your employees under the Schedulehead umbrella.
  • You only need to provide the application with specific skill sets associated with your employees; so that Schedulehead can organize them according to the requirements.
  • Schedulehead informs your staffs about their schedules and updates automatically through text, and mail, so you need not to waste your time on informing individual employees about their schedules.
  • The application provides notifications for any changes or updates in the schedule of your staffs, so that you can stay informed always.
  • Schedulehead is a one stop solution to meet scheduling requirements of businesses. It can help companies to reduce as much as 80% time spent on staff scheduling.
  • By automating the scheduling of your staffs you can free up your valuable time which you can put in other more important works.
  • The application rates your employees in a scale of 1 to 5 and can be very useful for you to get a thorough idea about their performance depending on which you can reward them for even better results.
  • Schedulehead helps the business owners and managers know their staffs more than ever, which can be very helpful for running the business to success.
  • A free version of Schedulehead is available. This version supports up to 75 employees, and automatically sends email to your staffs.
  • The company offers the premium version of Schedulehead with all its features for $15 every month. This version can support unlimited employees. The premium version is also available for 60 days free trial.

Summary: Schedulehead is a staff scheduling application with artificial intelligence that can provide the best staff scheduling solution to individuals as well as businesses.

Good: The application can be great to schedule your employees in the most productive way; and it has an absolutely free version that can be used by companies with employee strength up to 75.

Bad: No bad report about this application has yet been recorded.

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